...Traveling to places such as the Caribben, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and many other places, I now don’t have to take a second thought when I am making a decision about my discretionary expenses.

I would recommend a Reverse Mortgage to anyone looking to have the peace of mind and freedoms associated with this great opporturnity.

-Frankin Purnell,
Pomona, California

About Mortgage

The Reverse Mortgage Store was created in order to offer guidance and much needed services to those looking for help with the reverse mortgage process. The reverse mortgage process is something that can be taken advantage of by people 62 and over as well as by family members or caretakers looking for helpful money saving options. The Reverse Mortgage Store platform aims to answer all of your questions and help find the right reverse mortgage option for you and your loved ones. The right reverse mortgage plan can serve as an important tool for anything from monthly expenses, large purchases and medical necessities.

Greg Shearer, who began working with seniors when he was just 18 years old, has a long history of working with and helping seniors, established the idea behind the Reverse Mortgage Store. He has been helping seniors for decades and has been working with and for his community for over 15 years. He truly cares about the well being of the people he works with and has a love for working with seniors. His interest in reverse mortgages began when there was a downturn in the real estate market and he realized that there must be other options for people looking for safe investments or ways to gain value and peace of mind from property that people already owned. He learned the lesson of choosing other options the hard way with the choices of his parents. Had they chosen a reverse mortgage the equity against their home would have been more than sufficient to support his disabled mother and she would have been able to stay in her home with full time help for the duration of her life.

Greg now focuses on finding effective solutions in the reverse mortgage market that can help seniors and their families have security rather than of having to worry about the hardships that life can bring. The Reverse Mortgage Store is a platform for Greg Shearer who represents First Source Funding in Southern California, license #603E079, which is among the top reverse mortgage origination companies in the Western United States and has aided many retirement-aged people in the reverse mortgage process. Greg is member of NRMLA and represents many companies that are also members. He specializes in reverse mortgages and has colleagues through the United States that are eager to work with you and your family.

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